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Igor Sidorov's Gallery. Ekateriburg, Russia


Sidorov Igor - Игорь Сидоров

My name is Igor Sidorov. I was born on the 7th of February, 1960 in Norilsk city of Krasnoyarsk Territory. A year later I moved to the North Caucasia where I lived in Mozdok city with my family. So, I started there my creative development of an artist in an art studio for kids and then took part in a social exhibition of children's drowing in Thailand (1965). Then I left to the Ural with my family to Krasnoturinsk city (1966), where I graduated a musical, artistic and usual schools from 1967 to 1977. Already during a school time the hobby I really enjoyed was an amateur radio communication, so I was a radiofan and got a license for my radiostation (ex: RA9CFW). Even now it's possible to hear my call signs on all short-waves radio. After that in 1985 I've got a high education in the Ural Architect Academy (Ekaterinburg, Russia), then worked for some time as a head architect in Ust-Katav city (Tchelyabinsk region). Later on I worked as an artist and scenic designer in Ekaterinburg Yuong People's Theatre and also as an architect in Russian Art fund's studios. A short time later I worked at four Puppet-Shows in North Osetia (republic Alania) and at two performances in Ekaterinburg Young People's Theatre. In May 2007 I worked at children performance in Tyumen Theatre "Angagement" as a scenic and costume designer (you can see some photos and report on this site). In addition to my painting I like to do some architect projects like night lighting of city buildings. Some of the best works in this context: "Atrium Palace Hotel", Conservatory building, Variety Theatre (Ekaterinburg) and some objects in Ural region as well. Some of my the brightest works are in restoration and reconstruction 12 icons of XIX century in Man's Chorus College (Ekaterinburg). From time to time I take part in International Competitions of Caricature. Honestly, I never won any prizes, but my name is in subject catalogues as a competitor. Now I'm a free professional artist, I work and live in Ekaterinburg city. There are more than 500 picturesque and graphical art works in my private collection.

Phone: +7-912-249-7205, ICQ - 161354642

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